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Friday, 10 August 2012

Dating Tip For My Previous Post Viewers

For My Earlier Post , Here I am Discussing More Modules From The Playbook Of  " Barney Stinson's "

Best Move In Public For A Kind , Sweat , Emotional Girls

1) Lock the target and when it seems closer start coughing and continue it until the valid target approache's and ask what's wrong.

2)Fight back tears and tell her it's nothing , but then break down and admit that you have only one week to live .

3)Now , tell here is the worst part leaving the earth before ever sharing the intimate company of a woman , also include your last rough breakup , that killing you inside (for sympathy)  .

4) If you lucky , you ready to go ,,, enjoy

Note :            My Original Views on Barney's Tip

  Do not try this in your city or in your area , try to hook up out of town , also don't get specific about disease , just move on to the lonely part and your last wish to sharing the intimate company of a woman .

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