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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

One Sided Feeling ,, Share it with this Trick

There is a girl whom you like , and she don't know yet and even you don't have courage to say that because you might thinking you are off of her ,, then here is your Dating Tip.

1) Start talking to her by asking her some favour like if she is in your class ask her notes ,, if she is in your college ask her some event information or some information relates to your college if she is in another college ask something about her college .

2) Then you must add her on the same topic (build up some story with your above question like if you asked about the notes then you must tell her that my sister or mother like your hand writing they was asking me about you ,  etc.. ) , discuss this same every day for at least a week that she must either get bored of your  topic or must taking interest .

3) Then from very first day after the week pass by her by totally ignoring her , do the same twice or thrice in a single day , In case she approaches you just say hi and make a excuse that you need to go , and leave .

4) Seems to be old school trick but it's going to work , here is how ?

5) When she comes around , start discussing with your friend that you felt very bad , that she is spreading rumors that You are trying on her , tell loudly you just don't  understand why she get this signal even you never tried it anyhow ,,,,,,BINGO!!!!

6) Next , you know guys she will possibly come to you to clear up the things , Don't let her ruin your trick , Leave without listening anything , If you succeeded in giving her one whole day to try then trust me you will get night too and she will think all over the night how to convenience you , that it was not her

7) Remember , Surely Build up a strong defense and story before speaking anything .

Good Luck Matrimonial


  1. Cool post. Love it.
    Monutang here..... see me at

    1. Thanks , Ya I ll surely look to it

    2. I am following u. Provide me with all those tips cause i am in

    3. lol great ,, sure I update my content daily , hopefully it will help you all the best friend

    4. I even like your blog Monutamang , found relatively a whole new world


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