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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

How to get over a Break-up !!!

As before climbing the tree you must know how to get down , similarly before dating you must know how to handle the break-ups , i wish nobody needs this post but still , as per my viewer's demand  I am sharing my views ,,

Break-up kills ,,, but no longer , by the knowledge and experiences of expertise , this is structured that how to get over it , but not everything works for everyone ,,,

Here are some Tips that can help you .

1)What you remember more the hurt feeling , that you get ditched or the love feeling that you was in love .This answer will lead you

2) If you remember love , then you need to achieve your love  back , because there is no other way to get over this feeling except this , but in other scenario , you just need to forget the pain .

3) My this post is for those who wanted to get over this pain , memories, feelings and this phase of their life's .

4) I Know it's hard but , you have to focus and make your mind now for few things , when heart rests , only the brain helps you to move on , and after all psychology is the best medicine at this time .

4) Try to engage in something else , and for that you need to make a mission , start up with anything , make plans think what you can do and hasn't tried yet , what if there is nothing in your life and you only focus on one activity ,,, this thing not only help you in getting over your break-up , but also make you a great achiever in life .

5) I know it's hard to concentrate in anything else at this time , but not impossible , Try to make your mind that nobody will ever left you , if you are great , if you achieved your missions , if you are successful and show the one who hurt you what you capable of ,, Yes show your anger , show your pain with your hard work on some subject , Trust me you feel much-much better and if you succeeded
then no body can break you again , you will be strong like rocks .

6) Best way to concentrate on your work , is do your work for the reason that you have to fail that person , you have to show the person , that how wrong he / she was . Also sometimes hangout with your friends and share your goodness and his/her badness in front of them , they are your  friends , they will surely agree with you and you will feel more better .

7) I am not saying make yourself a hero and your X- partner a villain , but definitely make yourself a hero ,,,

A small comparison , people drinks after break-up to handle the pain and gets addicted , I recommended that you start doing some work for the same i.e to handle the pain , might be you get addictive , become workaholic and you  may achieve some good position in your life ,,,, 
proud your friends , family my friend , it's the time to do something really great .

Gud Luck


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    1. Thanks Alexandros , I am looking forward to make it more interesting

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