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Monday, 10 September 2012

Try This and you will be the King !!!!

Pick a girl who is not smart , hot or even below avg . but ,,, her close friend should be , Search this girl and enter in the Kingdom of Heaven .

If you succeeded in your previous task , then start hanging out with her but try every time you invite her friend too .

Become a good friend with her , be dramatic ,, and  told her how much you care for your Girlfriend ,,  (just don't tell her show her )

Now show your girl that you suddenly start liking her friend's company more than her's , and if she talks with you on this just fight back to save your nose .

this topic shouldn't end here , she must feel so jealous that even she involve her friend too.

As she is totally unfamiliar of this fact so her reaction will be unpredictable , but you must support her that time .

And here is your way ,  breakup with  her , provide your shoulder to her friend and if you lucky , You will the King

Gud Luck


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