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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Go for a Prank today

I enjoyed it lots of time , back in my school days , here is what I use to do .
 Lock the target , some random girl of your college , take your very best friend or wing man that helps you in getting that girl .

Now just ask your friend to stand away from you two , but stares you both , until you get back .
Now went towards the girl , comment her on her beauty or dress or anything and ask her number . If you are lucky and you follow my previous steps you will get the number , if she refuses , then told her please Don't take me wrong actually it's my task I was playing truth and dare with my friends , see he is standing there to check on me so please write your number otherwise I will get another punishment .90% girls give you the fake number but you might be 10 % lucky , keep trying untill you succeed .

gud luck

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