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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Guest Writing

Complimentary Post from our Guest Author
What I feel for you

You are the first voice I want to hear every morning,,the last smile I want to see before I sleep  . You are the hand I want to hold at sunset and you are the one along I want to grow older. "You are the love of my life"

How I feel In your Absence

Close your eyes and think of me , I'll be there in an instant..mumble my
name in your voice and I'll be there in an instant,,,
I'll be there standing tall and proud because you are the greatest treasure not the golds or silvers or the platinum because you are the greatest pearl I had and will have..... Open your arms in the air I'll be there to hold them in an instant, ,,,,,
Just say those words I'll be there to say I love u too because you are the light I know..not the moon or the sun because you are the only weakness I want to have rest of my life maybe you can't find me here.find my heart and the beats they will show you the way and will be there in an instant.


  1. Very sweet statement

    Author of the book "Kill Me Now!"

  2. Great blog! I just started following and hope you can return the favor. This is a really nice quote : )


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