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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Some Tips to propose a girl

Can I have this Date for rest of my life
Her Favorite  Place
I think a lot what I share now ,, I got no answers in my head and then suddenly one of my friend asked me a favor and I decided to help him , so here is my another post on "Best Tips to propose a girl"

1.Take her out on a campaign , leave her alone for a while and avoid her for sometime , when she ask you what's the matter get a smile on your face and told her , just checking how much far and for how much time I can spend from you ,but fails even for one night  , can I have you for my whole life.

2. Just send her the cards and rose and ask her to meet you where  you met for first time , arrange a Decoration , make a romantic atmosphere with your friends , and when she arrives have a lunch with her and then ask her .Can I have this Date for rest of my life

3. Take your partner to her favorite place , spend some time there , when she asked what so special about today , just smile and say just enjoy the evening dear . Buy a gift for her (no need to  buy expensive gifts , clothes , electronic items etc) Buy some teddy , rose , card like gifts .Recall your memories , choose only the topic that involve only 2 of you . And at the end , when she turns to leave , ask her ,,,Can I have this Date for rest of my life

4) I know it's might be stupid but if you fall on your knees with a flower in public especially in the center of a mall or restaurant , then I think you have pretty strong  chances to get her for the rest of your life .

5) If you believe in god and you want his wishes with you , then a decent and a formal way to propose is to visit a worship place and ask god for her hand hand (she must be standing besides you) .

6) Drive her to highway , accelerate the race for sometime , then suddenly drop down the speed , and stop the car and start looking in your partner eyes , as the questions pops out of her mouth "what happen", told her how your heart feeling is accelerating like this engine , how her eyes driving you crazy , Propose her there .

7) Take her to the ice- cream parlor order her favorite ice cream , order only one ice-cream share it with her and surprisingly ask her,  like the ice-cream Is she ready to share her life too ?

8) Call her with a weird voice , she must feel you are panic or in big trouble ask her to come and see you , decide a lonely place told her you had a bad dream last night , told her the dream was that I asked you to marry me and you refuses it and I got an heart attack , suddenly I awake and called you .
You don't need to ask her this time :-)

Note :- Never Propose any one on chat window or phone , Proposal should be made face to face .

Gud Luck


  1. I hope this gives my boyfriend a few tips!

    1. ha ha Thanks , surely I wish too , and I visited your site great stuff all the best


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