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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Player's Tip

This tip is only for the players of the game "Dating"

1) Lock your target , watch from distance until you get a chance to help her , (help can be in any way , she lost her money , ticket , she involved in a argument , want to know some address , waiting for public transport , etc) , keep tracking until and unless you get your chance .

2) once you enter into the game ,  show her how desperate you are !!

3)80% girls probably try to skip you , and there you come with your man's attitude , show some anger and tell her that you was trying to be nice , otherwise you have no interest in her , if she thoughts just because she is beautiful , everyman will fall in love with her , then she is wrong .

4) 60% girls will say sorry , if you are really a player and now of course you are a kind heart , you can forgive her . 

5) If in case above % does not work , dude you are lucky then , the girl is also desperate , don't make moves just run LOL !!! .

Gud Luck

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