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Monday, 8 October 2012

Get your girl today !! Here is your way ,,,

 Only for those who are still searching and struggling for their love and can do anything for their success

Just figure out a object of her that can be replaced by yours ,,,, like You might have the same mobile models ,, or any Id (license , voter id , college id , employee id ), same bags or anything that can be exchanged accidentally without much notice.

If you done your homework , here is your next task , go and try to replace that thing secretly , steal her object and put yours .

Once you done get back to your home wait for the night , as night is the best time to start conversation ,,

Now call her , (make a story how you know that the replaced object is of her and also how did you get her number , hope you are smart enough to do it yourself)

Once she pick up the phone , told her about this  accidentally exchanging story and ask her to meet you in some coffee shop or restaurant or mall or bar or park as per your taste , to get your stuffs back

And now you had a full chance to make move on her as discussed by me in my post "Calculate your chances before making your move for a Hot girl "

If in case before your call , she figured it out and make a call to you act totally strange to the situation , just do not accept that it is possible and if , make question how come it possible and continue with the plan of calling her some place to exchange back.

Gud Luck

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