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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Next Tip For My Previous Posts ,,,,,

Nice Move to approach a girl if u believe in destiny

1) Take a single rose into your local Disc or Mall and approach a girl and ask her , Are you Riya ?
when she says no repeat the process for every other single target .

2) After a  few round sit down and sulk untill one of those girl's approach and ask what's wrong .

3) That's your move to say you think your blind date stood you up , you met Riya on facebook , never see each other and you guys  decided to meet  here ,( get your emotional tone )

4) After few emotional expressions of her and half hug where she takes care to not let her breasts touch you , start to complaint about how tough dating is these days ,,,,,

Note :            
Try to convince her you are rich , but still you are loosing hope to get a true love in your life and also show her that you are very emotional and destiny believing guy 

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