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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Calculate your chances before making your move for a Hot girl

There are some fundamental rules that should be followed before you hit on a girl ,


1) If she is hot you must be equally eligible ,you can show this by your move , the best move for this situation is to just ignore her once and then give her some situation to talk to you , talk her gently show her you are not into her , trust me hotter girls are more curious to get attention from guys , and here you go , now you are the boss

2) If she is sweet , then get your friend and start a conversation with him , in which he speaks devil and you like hero , then just include her in your conversation by your move or "just asking her that me and my friend has a long conversation , please tell what you think ?" , if she takes your side here we go ,,,

3) If she is naughty , then you must be freak , do something to impress her and show how different you are from others , like you can prank with your friends and of course include her in your prank and then apologies her after its over and here we go again ,,,

4)If she is hard to get with above methods , then she might be a psycho or fool in both the cases you just need to get over her and search for another girl .


1) If you and that girl in same college/school do not hit on very first day , use above tricks to almost 10-12 days , and then let her move into you slowly , as she will see you everyday so you must not be in hurry .

2) If you met her in some mall or public place accidentally and you know you will not see her again , then follow above code to encrypt her in your love immediately and after the move at least do something to get her number , long calls and chat and texting always works even if it goes totally wrong make her good friend by cheering her up , but get her number .

3)If you met her in party , then plan in some way that you can use those above methods at least thrice and she thinks its a destiny , you also can try once in parking lot too , that will left a dark impression on her mind as bye bye memories are more important .

4)Never try these things in worship places , but if it is a park or general street near your house , then you can give her a chance to meet you


This is very important before you go for any move , please try to figure out what she is ? observe her for a while before you approach her like

1) If at a party she ordered alcohol a lot or she dance a lot , that clearly shows she is enjoying it and she is in a mood to do crazy things all over night , that's  a positive signal , happy her

2) If she sits alone and just watch and smiles a little , that means she is missing something   or someone with which or whom she can also rock the party , totally give your shoulder man

3) if she sits alone or in a group but no smile, and also  making weird faces then she is not liking the party and , here you comes and take her out for a walk , just fill her loneliness boy

4) if some girl in your school/college is very popular , hot , beautiful , and never noticed you then just make a situation ,to come her to you like you become sports captain or monitor , or organize some fest , some event in which you know she will participate , if she is week in maths ,try to solve equations etc,,,,, once she comes to you , you can show her your stardom by above rules , remember never buy her lunch or drink or anything , if she did it for you accept it .

It's so hard to count so many things before you make your move to a girl , but right calculation can help you in increasing your chances , so we need these awesome tips and rules

So , here is the best way to make it easy , you can design an ERP software to calculate the exact move you need to make on  girl by just describing her and you will get the answers on one click ( It can be made in .net /PHP/Ajax/HTML )

Please include more modules these are not enough I will discuss them all one by one in my posts , so that  you also keep updating your Dating Software

Good Luck Guys .

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