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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Your Employee's Frequently , goes on trip in different states or countries for meeting , and is it hard to keep records?

Ask us to make an ERP software that can help your employee to make request for the trip , and the company can take actions on that request and all records can be maintain very easily without much efforts

  1. Employee requests for trips
  2. Boss or group respond to that request 
  3. If no , program terminates
  4. If yes , boss or group upload scan ticket 
  5. Employee receive the ticket 
  6. After the trip employee upload boarding ticket  , otherwise the money will deducted from his salary.


  1. I am interested in purchasing B.Tech project in .NET , tell me how much will it cost me

  2. See , it depends on the project , also if you just interested in purchasing code or yo want some expert to teach you the whole project .

    There are several factors that we can discuss on this no. +91-9716988463


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